By Meagan Smith

There's no doubt that traffic is the life and soul of any business, you need to traffic in order to generate leads and convert those leads into sales. Still one of the best ways to generate quality free targeted traffic is to use article marketing. But there's a science to making article marketing work, in this article we will talked about a few tips to help you get started.

The top free article directory to submit content to is called Ezine articles. This directory has been around for many years and millions of people visit this site each month. Even though there are a bit strict with the content they allow on their site if you can write quality stuff then you probably won't have a problem getting your articles accepted.

Article marketing is only beneficial if you have strong content. If something needs further explanation, don't be afraid of devoting the extra space; however be brutal when its time to trim away the excess. The process of proofreading can help you edit and weed out other problems with your article. Titles with numbers in them are really catchy. Numbers are an easy way to catch the eye of potential readers, increasing your article's views. You can also track the statistics of your articles to see which titles are most attractive to viewers.

If you allow others to copy or use your content because is good make sure that you get credited for the article and know what type of rights you have as an author. However some directories claim authorship of your work so it's important you do proper research before allowing anyone to use your articles somewhere else. There are many tools to help you get more traffic to your articles, for example social bookmarking and social signals like sharing your article on social networks.

There are a ton of strategies and methods you can use to promote products and services on the internet. However article marketing is still king when it comes to generate free laser targeted traffic to any site. So, now that you have read this article get to work with your own article marketing campaigns and start getting traffic by the thousands.

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