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If cities want to be able to draw in people from other parts of the world, there has to be a reason to do so. For example, if there is a tremendous art museum in the area, it wouldn't be out of the question for someone to become involved in the matter. However, what about baseball? It seems like the Baltimore Orioles have been utilized in order to help marketing efforts and the reasons as to how this unfolded are ones that companies which design truck wraps should make note of.

An article on CBS DC talked about a particular billboard that was placed on the I-295, which is located Maryland outside of the border of Washington D.C. More specifically, the billboard displays Adam Jones, Chris Davis and Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. This alone should be able to draw in anyone's attention but you may be curious about the specifics of the billboard. For those who do not know, the object of this is to encourage people to call in and purchase tickets to baseball games.

To explain this matter in detail, it was reported that the billboard would have a phone number that people could call for the purpose of buying tickets. One of the reasons why this is crucial is because the billboard itself was located around 6.5 miles or so outside of Nationals Park. For those who aren't baseball fans, this arena has been known as the "home" of the Washington Naturals. It's because of this that a feud of sorts can spark, which is common when talking about sports in general.

Setting aside preferences, as far as sports teams are concerned, it's easy to see why authorities like JMR Graphics can appreciate this kind of ad placement. Keep in mind that when it comes to truck wraps, billboards, or what have you, strategy is needed in order for ads to gain as much attention as possible. The act of putting up a billboard featuring a baseball team in seemingly enemy territory is a noticeable move. Despite any negative publicity behind this move, it is publicity nonetheless.

The amount of devotion that sports teams have to certain teams is hard to deny and it's easy to see that the same can very well be said for baseball. For this reason alone, I can undoubtedly see why a billboard focusing on opposing team members can draw negativity from baseball fans. However, with this point aside, it's hard to deny that the way the billboard was placed was an ingenious one. Its proximity, in relation to Nationals Park, can only help matters that much more.

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