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Paints are used in wide range of applications in commercial and industrial set ups including coating metals and other surfaces to enhance their durability and prevent them from exposure to damaging elements. However, the painted surfaces may require repainting and other forms of surface treatment. This is where industrial paint remover products are needed.

Before the substrates are recoated, the surfaces have to be cleaned properly to allow the coating material or paints to adhere evenly and firmly. The removal of varnishes and paints on substrates is not as simple as it may be thought. Some films will embed on surfaces so strong that they do not come out easily.

Because companies do not want to waste their precious time using ineffective methods that take a lot of time to remove paints and coats on substrates, they would prefer using the strippers. There is a variety of these strippers designed to work on different substrates. Whether you are working on wood, metal, stone, or concrete, you can be able to get a product that will perform well in those surfaces.

Each of these surfaces may require different types of paints removers. Wood for instance, is highly susceptible to moisture absorption and if you were stripping paints from such substrate, it would require substances that will not damage it. Many metal substrates are coated using the powder coats. These kinds of coating materials adhere firmly to the substrates and removing them is a tall order.

The films of paints can be so hard to remove that they need specialist treatment using industry grade removers. In preparing surfaces for repainting, it requires that they be cleaned properly to ensure they are free of contaminants. Metals can be cleaned in a number of ways some of which could be costly including sandblasting. The removers are designed to work on different types of paints as well as coating techniques.

If you have powder coated metals, the strippers should be able to dissolve the binders, which hold those powders together and allow the particles to fall from the surfaces. Plastics coated with paints also need to be stripped when they are being reworked on meaning that special removers are required. Plastics cannot withstand some of the solvents that are used in high heat environments. They will need cold treatments when stripping their paints.

Besides, scraping the surfaces can damage them hence the need to avoid any method that could cause abrasions and scratch marks when removing the paints. Sandblasting and burn off paints may not fit in some substrates such as plastic. The burn off paints stripping techniques require application of extreme heat meaning that the substrate could be melted away.

The strippers designed for metal substrates coated using powder coats are designed to be able to break the binders that hold together the coating film particle. Upon application of those products, the films are broken down and you will see the coating fall off from the surface. Use of strippers is not only economical for industrial use but also protects the environment. It is also speedy, something which increase the productivity rate.

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